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Navigating around the live reviews

Man have always been road warriors, touring extensively in the UK and Europe from their early years right through to the present. The bulk of this section therefore focuses on concerts that have already taken place, including reviews, photographs and other memorabilia where available.

For news on forthcoming live shows, the scrolling section in the Home page index gives dates and links when available.

At the left of the Concerts Index page you'll see a Gig Finder for the years and months that Man have been active. To narrow down your search, just click on a year, and a month to see the index of gigs for that combination. Where a review or other information is available, click the link to expand the detail.

The Reviews and Galleries Index page is even simpler, just click the 'Review' or 'Gallery' link on the relevant entry. Reviews and Galleries are listed in reverse date order, with the most recent at the top of the list.

There's a Concert Queries facility available, which expands the features of the month by month listings by allowing you to check what dates the band have played which countries, towns and venues. There's more work to be done on this facility.

Reviews are always warmly welcomed. Contributions of pictures, ticket stubs, flyers and other items are scanned and returned to the sender. If you have information regarding dates that Man have played, but which don't appear in the lists, then please do contact me so that the details can be included.

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