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Title: Forum moderation and banning of users
Post by: Jules on August 08, 2019, 07:29:47 PM
Recently we had a large bundle of new users attempt to register on the Forum, with most being captured by our anti-spam protection and rebuffed.

One got through and was placed into our Moderated group so the user's behaviour could be observed. After 48 hours I've concluded that the account is not legitimate, is probably a robot account creating random posts, and it has been banned. Posts originating from that account have been deleted.

I think that's the first time in the Forum's history that I've found it necessary to do that, so I reckon we're still ahead on points.

In summary, Forum members may be moved to the Moderated group if postings persistently seem inappropriate to the Moderators, or if frequently reported to the Moderators (Note: anyone can do this on any post if they feel something is amiss). Moderated posts will be reviewed and either approved, or referred back to the poster for re-consideration. If the situation can't be resolved amicably, we'll suspend the account and, finally, ban it. We Moderators are reasonable people by and large, so this will happen only rarely.

To reduce the likelihood of people not genuinely in tune with the aims of this Forum getting through, the security questions to be answered before registration have been extended and refreshed. 
Title: Re: Forum moderation and banning of users
Post by: Rob W on August 08, 2019, 08:17:27 PM
Well, if you're referring to the posts by...suppose shouldn't metion the name in case I'm offending a real human being...kamseks? 😁, I did struggle to get my head around those posts. Then I thought Maurice had returned.