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Title: Frequently Asked Questions - Rarely Read Answers
Post by: Jules on April 14, 2008, 12:57:37 AM
Common queries and responses:
Where can I get help?
Erm, a good place to start would be by clicking the Help button in the menu tab. ;)

I'm an ex-Manboard member, what login should I use?
Your username shouldn't be confused with your Manboard alias. The username is usually your real name (although it depends on how you identified yourself when registering on the Manboard). Your password is initially the same as you used on the Manboard, which you can change by accessing your profile details (click the PROFILE tab above).

If you can't access your account with the details you believe to be correct, leave a message for me on the Manboard, or send an e-mail to, and I'll do my best to respond within 24hrs.

Can I only register with one e-mail address?

You can register only once for each e-mail address, but you can register with as many e-mail addresses as you wish. Bear in mind that passwords are sent to the addresses specified, so always use a real address that you control.

Can I use alias names for posting messages?

Yes you can. To change the name that people will see against your posts, just access your profile details and modify them as you wish. You can also create avatars and add post-signatures here.

How do the member rankings work?

Member rankings are an indication of how much you contribute to the various message boards in the Forum. I hesitate before saying this, but the rankings are a measure of quantity rather than quality, with each post registering a hit regardless of the internal drivel to diamonds ratio.

From 0-50 you're a 'Newbie', then 50-100 you're a junior member. 100-250 makes you a full member, 250-500 a senior member. Over 500 makes you a hero member, with far too much time on your hands  ;) .

Member rankings were initially set by counting the number of posts made by individuals on the old Manboard. It's an inexact science, as many of the early Manboard posts were made before account based access was implemented. This meant that the first few months of posts couldn't be linked to an e-mail address, and therefore didn't trouble the scoreboard during migration. 

Can I attach pictures and files to my posts?

Yes you can.

When you reply to a message, or create a new one, click on the ?additional options? link just below the text entry window (you may need to scroll down to see this). The additional options link expands some further functions, one of which is the ?Attach? box. If you click the ?Browse? button next to this, you can choose a file (including pictures) to attach from your computer.

Once you?ve done this, when you post your message, a copy of the file you?ve selected is uploaded into the Manband Forum, and will appear under your message.

Why can't I see attached pictures and the full range of message icons?

If you're browsing the Forum as a guest you'll only be able to see and use the most basic Forum functions. To use the full range, simply login to your registered account. If you haven't registered yet, just follow the simple links at the top of the screen.

Title: Re: Frequently Asked Questions
Post by: Dan Singh on April 18, 2008, 08:29:52 AM
Dr who in action here? There seems to be a timeshift. Jules message timed at 12:39:35, whereas on the main page the last edit was timed at 11:39:35. One shows as a new message today, the other as yesterday   :-X
Title: Re: Frequently Asked Questions
Post by: Jules on April 18, 2008, 12:17:24 PM
Dr who in action here? There seems to be a timeshift.

Thanks Dan, I'll check that out.