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I'd love to see Son of Man .Fantastic debut and my pledge money was well spent indeed. Sadly the 60 miles from the wild tundra that is Coventry ,Oxford is a bit too far to arrange public transport. Without a driver who will abstain from a few beers ,a tenner will very quickly become one hundred and a tenner and more. Maybe next year a few more gigs in England ?

This really deserves your support. A carload of fans is coming up from Bournemouth, having been impressed by the show in Ferndown a couple of months ago, and Oxford is far more accessible than SoM's other gigs this year.

What's more, you get another tidy guitarist for your tenner in Mark Pontin - so tell your friends and get down to the Bullingdon. Boris and Dave need not apply!
Man - General Discussion / Re: Son of Man Sutton Saturday
« Last post by Allan Heron on November 17, 2017, 06:42:49 PM »
Everton signed Sandy Brown from Partick Thistle.

Thought you'd like to know  8)
Man - General Discussion / The Pompadeuce of love
« Last post by Mochat on November 16, 2017, 03:35:44 AM »
Years back I frequented this magnificent,,,no...mind blowing labour of love message board. Cheers to Julian and all that still sail the mighty ship of the Manband. 

A little about myself, I am an American long time Man Fan named Maurice (some may remember me) who grew up listening to local San Francisco radio stations, including Ron Sanchez and Phil Charles (i.e. KSAN) back when I was less than a MAN .  I have loved the music of Man ever since I first heard it back in, I think, 1973. I soon collected "Back into the Future" and "Electric Lady Land " two forever in my heart classics into my bicycle's basket and rode them home on the same day. And  forever I would be a different MAN.

Long story short I am now a nearly 60 year old man and still love Man.

I've played guitar since I discovered my older brother's Sears Silvertone guitar when I was pre-teen in his closet. I wish I still had it now.

So I was thinking about this old website, The "" and sure enough it's still here (Thanks to Julian).

I've just begun getting enough courage to post some of my own drunkin' Jams and I've recorded a couple of Man Song overdubs .

I keep getting drunk every night and recording new stuff. If you wish to hear it go to and search for "Mojo Man". My name is Maurice Joseph...thus the MOJO MAN.

Not sure if you can find me but you could search  '11~3~17 Man Talk About A Mornin' (The Round House '73)" in which I should have known this was the 1983 recording, or "11~3~17 Man C'Mon (The Round House '73)"

I hope I don't suck, but this is as close as I can I can get to playing with Mickey, like I dreamed of when I was less than a MAN. Check out my drunken Bootleg recordings. You may find something of interest. Give a like to "Talk about a Mornin") to let me you stopped by.

Other Bands - General Discussion / Re: The Magic Band
« Last post by Barry Island on November 15, 2017, 11:07:20 PM »
Sounds like some kind of heaven!
Other Bands - General Discussion / Re: The Magic Band
« Last post by rockprof on November 15, 2017, 10:15:21 PM »
Ah now...calamares...had them in rural Spain. They were exquisite. Order a beer, get plate of battered squid free. Order more beer, get more squid. Tremendous scheme altogether.
Man - General Discussion / Re: James and Jupp
« Last post by Olly Goodwin on November 14, 2017, 04:17:42 PM »
Yup. Full story is a moving tale of this year's literary festival by Mary, in, I think, the Twang Dynasty site. Or Michael Heatley's newsletter.

Back Pages / Re: Happy Birthday Celia!
« Last post by celias on November 14, 2017, 02:52:09 PM »
Thank you all for your birthday wishes.
Other Bands - General Discussion / Tiger Moth Tales
« Last post by Oakers on November 14, 2017, 02:12:03 PM »
Has anyone else (other than Allan that is ) stumbled on the exploits of Peter Jones...possibly the only artist of any merit to have appeared on X-Factor (2004 - as one half of duo 2toGo). Tiger Moth Tales is the name he records under, playing keyboards, guitar and pretty much everything else I think. His third album The Depths of Winter has just been released and for any fans of early Genesis-style melodic prog' it's an absolute delight. He also collaborates on a new release Tales From The Bookcase by fellow Notts musicians Red Bazaar, with whom he has recently performed a few live gigs too. (Sadly I missed them in S'ton on Oct 29th, by virtue of having no idea at that stage who they were). Got both PJ's earlier albums ordered and on the strength of the new one cannot wait! Of more interest, I suspect, to many on this fourm, will be the news that Mr Jones took on keyboard duties for Camel on their Japan tour....and will retain said duties for their UK 'Moonmadness' anniversary tour next year.
We have a show coming up at OXFORD BULLINGDON and could really do with bumping up the sales, we are promoting the show ourselves.

info at the link below

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