Author Topic: MAN - RHYTHM FESTIVAL, BEDFORD 31/8/2008  (Read 3073 times)

Gavin Crumpton

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Well, I've seen Man at two festivals this summer and sod's law is such that it pissed it down at both of them!

Just before Man were due to take to the stage something approaching a tropical storm started which nearly caused the band's performance to be cancelled. The rain was so heavy that the gazebo under which the mixing desk was situated was in danger of collapsing under the weight of the rain gathered in the canopy. In the end the mixing desk had to be moved and set up at the side of the stage causing a considerable delay in the band starting.

The band eventually took the stage to a sizable and appreciative audience who had waited to see them despite the heavy rain which continued throughout the set.

As we've become accustomed to this year Man played magnificently perhaps with just a very few rough edges probably resulting from not having played for a month prior to this.

This is the first time I've seen this line up performing C'Mon which was outstanding with Phil's solo having so much attack and feedback that he sounded more like Hendrix than any keyboard player. George's solo now taking up the latter half of the middle section with the Call Down the Moon riff etc. Wonderful stuff and probably the highlight of the set.

The rest of the set was much as it was on the tour earlier in the year but the band clearly playing with more confidence with more gigs behind them now.

Man of Misery was introduced by Phil as "the song the band now affectionately call Miserable Bastard" and "Shit on the World" as "a song from the annals...or should that be anals of the bands history"

Unfortunately the delayed start meant the planned encore of Bananas and Spunk Rock had to be dropped.

Hopefully the band will have won a few new fans as a result of this performance, whilst having a quick look at the forum on the Rhythm Festival website it was noticeable that several people named Man as one of their favourite bands of the festival.

Love Your Life
Something Is Happening
All Alone
Sudden Life
Man Of Misery
Many Are Called But Few Get Up
Shit On The World