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Tim Lewis

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« on: October 08, 2008, 12:49:16 AM »
This version is, and must be, a joke. The people who plugged in their guitars did not know what they were doing. That is cool. Their attempt at what we might call 'The End Bit' said all. There is a theory that breaks my tiny heart in two... we became a pub-rock group, y'all know the truth is out there. Micky Jones was a psychedelic guitar player, if you listen to 'In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed' you will know that he could have been a player on that or any early Zappa record. I first met him when I was a 17yo into the Buzzcocks and Magazine at The Nashville and he was 'doing' The Micky Jones Band. He knew it was not gonna work. I was working in a toy shop (Hamleys) and worshipped the very ground he walked on. We drunk in Herne Hill and swopped guitars, he showed me how to play all the Man riffs when we were stoned and I'll never forget Micky coming to the back of Hamleys to pick up my Lake Placid Blue Strat and play it later in Herne Hill. Many years later Micky and I met after a Man gig in Brentford, we had not met for maybe 15 or so years, I was playing the bass for a popular music personality... 'let's go and do loads of coke and whatever', said I. Last time I saw him.

Ps My Brother used to go to The Torrington...he cries when he hears Micky play. To this day.

Thanks for listening.