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Terry "Beefy" Bennett
« on: January 13, 2013, 09:48:52 PM »
Hope Im not double posting something thats already been discussed, but did any other folks see former Sassafras front man (and tambourine striker par excellence) Terry Beefy Bennett featured in a reasonably interesting ITV two part documentary Trouble Abroad over these last couple of weeks? (Terry was featured in part one only, and since it still seems reasonably straightforward to download the programme online via torrent, if youre interested in checking it out, do make sure that you get S1E01 or else you'll get shots of a posh English couple trying to sell their own wine to the French or people working in short order kitchens in the States). The programme was an hour long, and only followed three stories in total, and so Terry and his missus were quite heavily featured. The gist of Terrys thread is that following a debilitating stroke hes stuck in Spain unable to either work or sell his (pretty magnificent it has to be said) ten bedroom villa complete with swimming pool in order to return to live in the UK. (Difficulty in selling apparently being due to tumbling property prices in the area the property had reportedly been worth 750k  at one point; now they may only get 400k according to the documentary narrator). Terry and his wife I thought came over as a really nice couple whod clearly had a bit of a rough ride over recent times, and the programme included a few flashbacks to his life in music including him exercising his tonsils at home in his music room and a wee bit of late period Sassafras live on screen.