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Rock Radio 106.1FM
« on: May 18, 2008, 11:06:56 AM »
I've listened a bit to this new radio station for Gtr M/cr. Last night there was a feature to vote your faourite guitarist. So I just had to didn't I. Emailed in Micky Jones. I didn't expect a response, I thought the DJ wouldn't even had heard of him.

Could not believe not only a response, but the DJ waxed lyrical about Man. He mentioned MIckey, mentioned the two sons of Man, George and Josh, mentioned in great detail about the MJ guitar deal George is running with. He also gave a mention to the website.     

I sent a further email, congratulating him and thanking him for his knowledge, and it appears Diamonds & Coal may be getting some exposure in the next few weeks.

DJ is called Jon Kirkman. Well worth listening to either if you're in Gtr M/cr or on the internet.