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The Pollen Count
« on: June 12, 2018, 11:33:19 AM »
Has anyone got their album yet?
What's the verdict?

Mark Oakley

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Re: The Pollen Count
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I took the plunge and bought a copy. It’s a really good album and getting better with each spin. Nine very diverse tunes full of invention and subtlety, but muscular too.  I’m not great at comparisons and there’s such variety here I’d need a different ‘soundalike’ for all nine tracks, but for those who appreciate such things there are definite shades of Help Yourself in the first three-quarters of my personal favourite track ‘Just Enough,’ which then features some lovely spacey wah-wah.  The opener Big Decision would be the ‘single’ if there were to be such a thing. It’s got one of those vocal melodies that has you unconsciously singing it to yourself (and anyone else unlucky enough to be in close proximity) long after you hear it. The sinister-sounding ‘Needaknife’ is also worth special mention.  It’s a cleverly crafted song in which the lyrics are initially almost whispered, but which grow in intensity and menace with each chorus repetition…as more and more layers are added to the accompanying instrumentation.  Apart from ex-Man Gareth Thorrington on keys I don’t remember who plays what, but if I had one gripe it would be not hearing quite enough of the guitarist beyond some tantalising flourishes. Gareth himself provides many tasteful adornments, without ever – I suspect – being stretched, and it is nice to be able to hear his contributions. Wonder if that novel aspect will be replicated live? In summary….another excellent debut from another excellent band from South Wales.

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Re: The Pollen Count
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Thanks for the review, sounds interesting!



Big Decision:

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