Author Topic: It was twenty years ago today.........well, this year, to be more accurate.  (Read 1704 times)

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This 23rd December marks the 20th anniversary of that fateful day when some of us agreed to meet up in the Bank Statement in Wind Street to reveal the real people hiding behind our cyber-identities, before eating (curry, of course) and then heading to The Railmen's Institute to see Man in all their glory.

The Bank Statement is certainly still there, although I'm not sure about the restaurant we went to.  I'd be inclined towards agreeing with the rumours that it was never the same after we descended on it.  The Railmen's Institute is still there, although it's immediate surroundings are radically changed with the City Gates development providing a hotel and additional restaurants.   

Every year since then I've been down to Wales in December when there has been a show on.  I was overjoyed when George picked up the baton after Micky's death and has kept the tradition going.

This year's show will on Saturday 14th December and I'll be there. It would be great to make this another Jolly Boy's Outing where as many as possible can join in to enjoy the music and to celebrate this notable anniversary.

Maybe Rob might even get his tapes back  ;) 8)
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You had to mention the tapes.  ;)

Yes, it's been a while since I shifted my carcass from the confines of Essex - sounds like a good idea though it will depend on many things but I have tentatively pencilled it in.


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Personal reasons unfortunately means I haven't done the Xmas gig for 2 or is it 3 years. But Tel, if you are going, shout it loud please, cos I will definitely go.


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Circumstances permitting, I'll be there this year.
Boldly going.......

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Re: It was twenty years ago today.........well, this year, to be more accurate.
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Yes, as you say, circumstances permitting. I was AWOL last year due to circumstances. Hoping to make it this year. The JBO re-enactment sounds like a good idea.
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