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Mutual Tastes
« on: May 04, 2019, 12:40:26 AM »
Bear with me, this one needs some explaining. Recently I was at a wedding, sat next to me were a couple who had themselves recently married, finding love at the ripe age of 68 yrs. They shared a love of 60ís and 70ís West Coast music and Prog Rock. The guy, Barry, soon after first meeting his wife Angie, had asked her for a date and evidently she set him a task of selecting 3 artists/albums to play her that meant so much to him that his ideal future partner would need to like. The first was Soft Machine (1st album), second was Frank Zappa (Hot Rats album) and lastly anything by Gentle Giant. She saw the list, accepted the date and now they are married. Not perhaps the most conventional way to start a relationship but it begs the question, if you were Barry, what would be your choice?

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Re: Mutual Tastes
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by Tammy Wynette

Sorry  ;D


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Re: Mutual Tastes
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Haha, so cynical! Actually, I quite like that song but I donít think I would play for a prospective new love. How about Ďainít there fightí from ĎBack into the futureí.