Author Topic: SON OF MAN at Cambridge Rock Festival 28th July  (Read 378 times)


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SON OF MAN at Cambridge Rock Festival 28th July
« on: June 22, 2019, 12:46:49 PM »
In case anyone has missed it, SON OF MAN will be making their fourth consecutive appearance at the 15th annual Cambridge Rock Festival on the Sunday evening - 28th July

Now I know it's in England and not Wales but honestly us English people love Man/Son Of Man music too!! I help run the festival - it is entirely run by volunteers with no corporate backing and every penny goes into the event, paying off early set-up costs or towards next year - perhaps how a great festival should be?! Great beer too (plenty of real ale) and loads of other great music - 68 bands over 4 days (25-28th) and three stages.

Don't worry if you don't like getting wet - whilst most festivals leave you to fend for yourselves in a downpour (and there's been a few recently!) because we're all fans too, we tend to have the same thoughts... so all of our stages are inside large marquees :D but if it's sunny you can of course stay out in the sun  8) .... so hopefully we've covered the angles. Licencing rules permitting the bars will be inside the marquees where you listen to the music too - that's where we usually have them...

Why am I telling you all this? Because we want you loyal fans to come and support Son Of Man - us English have taken them to our hearts (hence the fourth gig this year!) but we don't seem to get a lot of people making the trip down the M4 from Wales - some, yes, but more would be very welcome - I'd love to argue for them to headline the festival soon and more fans at the CRF would help!

Also playing on Sunday - Atomic Rooster, Mostly Autumn, Doris Brendel, Haxan, John Otway Big Band, Roadhouse, Southbound and others

Also on other days - Caravan, FM, Don Airey (Deep Purple) & friends, Cats In Space, Franck Carducci, Kingdom Of Madness (classic Magnum from former members & Neil Murray, Chris Ousey), The Mentulls, The Room, Mary Reynaud, Square Wild, Ben Poole, seYes (celebrating 50 years of Yes), the Pure Floyd Show (with lasers etc), Hayley Griffiths, Winter In Eden.... where do I stop?

There's plenty more to like - day tickets as well as weekend ones are available in advance, camping is in the next door field if you want to do that.... if you want to know more I'm sure George Jones will be only too happy to tell you how much they love playing this event!!

Any questions, thoughts etc, just post and I'll get back to you, or raise on our Facebook pages :)

See you in a few weeks??

indeed - here's the line-up of the two main stages!