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Re: Keep Safe!
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Neil Finn with Rick Vito

Thanks Campbell. That song is a bit of a choker for me. My old mate "Thirsty" Del Langley used to sing this so beautifully and a recording was played at his funeral. But a great performance by both of them. I can't wait for the proper Documentary with the concert, to hit whatever medium is ends up on.

I saw Greeny with The Splinter Group about 20 years ago and he would only do it has an instrumental. I actually went to the gig not expecting much from Peter but he was on magnificent form and even did a meet and greet afterwards. He was happy to chat and sign autographs but was carefully watched by the other band members. Just in case it got a bit too overwhelming I assume.

Also on Youtube is a performance of Black Magic Woman by Santana with Peter as a special guest. Worth checking out, I think it's from the Rock'n'Roll hall of fame.