Author Topic: My Garden a Haven for Birds  (Read 8050 times)

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Re: My Garden a Haven for Birds
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I used to work with Adrian (Ade) Riley, he and I started work at Rothamamsted in the same week (back in 1978), birdwatcher of the year 2002?  He decided to go in for the highest number of birds seen in a year "competition". His book, "Arrivals and Survivals" record this mamoth undertaking and it's effects on his health, marriage, wallet, and sanity!! I can't remember too many details without getting it out to look at, think it was around 280 species, and included weekend trips from Norfolk to the Scilly's, Orkneys and Shetlands, outer hebridies, and the whole of the rest of the UK. The competition with Lee someone was intense in the final months. Think it took something like 250,000 miles of driving, a couple of cars, a divorce, and about ?50,000 to acheive the record.

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Re: My Garden a Haven for Birds
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Pete T, I bet you have some good wildlife sightings up there now. I was up that way just a bit earlier than this last year, with late snow forcing the herds of deer down into the glen floors and the coasts. And there are birds you only get that far north.

Must confess I'm not a Serious Birdwatcher, although I do enjoy seeing them in all their colourful variety. The book was my first step in writing, and all thanks to one M Heatley, who passed the buck of the bird book to me via this forum's predecessor.