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Wanted - Ten easy Manband related quiz questions

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I'm just re-instating the Manband quiz section on the Archive.

I've created sets of twenty questions for the medium (Manfans), hard (Manoraks), impossible (Maniacs) and non-Man (Man Overboard) quizzes.

As part of the preparation I'm now inviting contributions of questions for the entry level quiz, which I'll be calling "Interested Bystanders".

If you can't manage ten questions I'll happily take five. If you can't manage five, I'll delete your Manband Forum account and banish you to the wilderness forever  ;D

Still working on including graphics and sound-clips, but you never know.

All ideas welcomed. Just post a reply to this message, as I'd expect most people who frequent this forum would be able to answer the easy questions without missing a step. No need to supply answers, I'll contact you seperately if you come up with something that leaves me completely flummoxed.

Martin Daughton:
Not sure how easy these are.
1 Who supported Man on the Spring Tour 1974?

2 What was the name of the mail order service set up by A.H.A?

3 When Man played the Reading Festival in 1972 which day did they play: Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

4 Who were the headliners when Man played Cardiff Castle in 1975?

5 Who shot Mickey?

Mike Morgan:
What was special about Machynlleth?

Dan Singh:

--- Quote from: Martin Daughton on November 01, 2009, 01:43:09 PM --- Who supported Man on the Spring Tour 1974?

--- End quote ---
Well, I never new they were on the same bill..

Michael Heatley:
The name game...

What is Micky's first name?
What is Deke's first name?
What is Will's first name?
Which Man is a Justice of the Peace?
Which man was Mark St John?



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