Author Topic: This 'ere digital TV rip off  (Read 32321 times)

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Re: This 'ere digital TV rip off
« Reply #105 on: May 02, 2012, 11:52:02 AM » finally Digital TV has reached the London area. In fact it reached us a couple of weeks ago and I hadn't actually noticed, such is the infrequent use of my tv. No doubt it should be a big improvement - yet I've noticed the occasional picture glitch, generally during a crucial moment, but more annoyingly if I record something the resulting audio is a bit unpredictable - sometimes it's perfectly ok, other times there's a varying amount of low frequency hum. It's only on the recorded version, all analogue stuff recorded in the past is perfectly ok. Has anybody else noticed this audio phenomena? What makes it more difficult for me is that it now turns out I'm losing my hearing whilst gaining in tinnutus so I'm straining anyway. 
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