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Re: Sugarmegs
« Reply #15 on: December 25, 2009, 01:15:17 AM »
And pardon my ignorance, but when I shutdown my laptop, would the dowloading stop and have to be started again or just take longer and longer?

To get the best out of bittorrent, you leave your machine connected to the net pretty much 24/7... it's a technology which has grown hand in glove with always-on broadband connectivity - it wouldn't really be feasible if we were all still on dialup. But any unfinished downloads, the s/w knows where you left off and automatically starts again without duplicating anything.

Some users use a second or an older PC for nothing but bittorrent, sharing their connection through a router.

And once you've got the basics sorted, we then move onto the more advanced stuff like port forwarding and traffic shaping.

But for now, one step at a time...

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Re: Sugarmegs
« Reply #16 on: December 25, 2009, 01:30:17 AM »
Lets put this simply.

Mr A puts up a Man gig, and tells Dime, or whichever server that it's available for others to download.
Mr B says, I want that and starts downloading sections from Mr A.
Mr C also wants it, so starts downloading from Mr A and Mr B. The bits he downloads from Mr A are different to the bits Mr B has downloaded, so Mr C can now upload some bits to Mr B. Mr B can also provide bits for Mr C.
The bit-torrent software works out who has what, and can then share with others.
The more people involved, the quicker the download, and shareing.
Mr B and Mr C thank Mr A for the upload.

Even up here in the far north southlands, most concerts download overnight. When you first start it may say 4 days to download, but leave it overnight and it's normally completed by morning. The bit torrent software will tell you how much you've downloaded, and how much you've given back. It's polite to try and keep a possitive share ratio, ie to try and give back equal or more than you've downloaded.
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