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John Bannon

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The Who 'Sell Out'
« on: February 14, 2010, 08:40:18 PM »
Been trawling ebay today dipping in and testing the water on various items. Came across the mono version of The Who's 'Sell Out' for 110 pounds, overpriced in my mind, immediately went downstairs to check my copy and 'hurrah' it's the mono version (made mental note... ring bank manager tomorrow and tell him to back off).
Must have been bought in the last 25 years at a record fair, not when it came out. My copy has a promotional sticker stating 'free psychedelic poster inside', obviously the poster isn't in it, like so many others i.e. The Pink Fairies first LP, on some students bedroom wall no doubt.
I've checked every site I can think of and can find no reference to this LP being released with a poster.....Has anybody any knowledge of the poster, what did it look like...was it psychedelic.....