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Julian And Marie Gough's Homepage

Hello. We're glad you could make it.

Whether you've just dropped in by chance, you're a regular visitor, or have arrived here after following a search engine reference or a link from another site, we hope you find something interesting to investigate on our pages.

Navigation around the site is usually done by clicking the links in the menu frame over on the left. The main menu, when buttons are clicked, will expand to show the list of pages in each section. You can collapse that part of the menu by either clicking a different button, or by re-clicking the main menu item.

Anywhere you go within the site, you'll be able to return to either the section's main page - or to this landing page - by clicking on the shield at the top of the menu frame on the left. By the way, the shield at the top is the Gough family coat of arms, and the one underneath is the Elliott coat of arms, Elliott being Marie's maiden name.

The pages have been tested to work using Microsoft Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. No animals were harmed during the testing of these web pages. Well not by us anyway.

(Platitudes 4:04) Nothing forced can ever be right.

john the turtle

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