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Rhinos Winos and Lunatics 2nd edition cover
Rhinos, Winos
and Lunatics
(2nd edition)

Man In Print

In this section you'll find reviews of Manband related books and links to other sources of information about the band, family and friends. Any information or suggestions regarding references not mentioned here are very welcome of course.

Deke Leonard's Memoirs

As anyone who ever read one of his books, engaged with him in conversation, heard him speak on the radio, or watched one of his one man shows will already know; Deke Leonard was born to be a storyteller.

Across three volumes, charting his life before, during and after his sentence in Man, Deke's Autobiographies are a superbly engrossing and rewarding read.

Alongside these, his thoughts on the merits - and otherwise - of his guitar heroes, published in "The Twang Dynasty", also include a healthy dollop of Deke's personal memoirs. Two Kindle-only publications "Deke Speaks" (a selection of his Welsh Connection articles) and "In The Land Of My Fathers" (a sample chapter from The Twang Dynasty) complete the set.

TWC Issue One
Issue One

The Welsh Connection

Brainchild of music journalist and football fan Michael Heatley, The Welsh Connection fanzine played a crucial role in supporting the Manband during the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s. This bi-monthly (6 times a year) magazine, then newsletter, was for any Man fan one of the best means of keeping in touch with tour schedules, album releases, and other activities. Not just for the Manband but for other related acts too.

The first 24 issues, starting from January 1991, were in magazine format, 20 pages per issue, and featured a superb mix of retrospective, current and forward-looking articles, each copiously illustrated with rare photographs and other memorabilia. This phase of The Welsh Connection provides the definitive History Of Man part-work, and while some of the hopes and dreams represented within did not come to fruition, it still remains full of fascinating and sometimes controversial insight.

From February 1995, subsequent issues were published and distributed in Newsletter format, comprising 4 densely packed pages and focusing on current news and future prospects. In January 2010, Michael announced the final issue of The Welsh Connection, however...

From March 2012, due to persistent demand, The Welsh Connection sprang to life again as a full-colour digital newsheet, distributed via email. The frequency of issue was declared to be "irregular", and driven largely by events rather than any specific schedule.

With Michael's permission and assistance, we're now on a mission to fully digitise The Welsh Connection, so that this much valued, and missed, resource can be presented again for all to enjoy.

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